Praise for After Pornified

"Anne G. Sabo offers one of the freshest and most articulate voices on the controversial issue of porn, bringing new insight in a voice that is eloquent, reasoned and accessible to all." Candida Royalle, iconic erotic film pioneer

"At last a book that appreciates female directed porn as the cultural phenomenon that it is."
Anna Span, Britain's first female porn producer

The Sleep Question

Since becoming a first-time mama, I have found myself consumed with the question of sleep: how to help my child fall asleep, how to help her stay asleep, how to find sleep myself, the constant lack of sleep.

During my struggles with sleep, I have often sought refuge in my conversations with other parents for whom sleep also seems an endless topic.

As I prepared for giving birth, I found individual birth stories the most powerful and enlightening, and not the many manuals on what to expect. The same has been the case for my child’s sleep, and mine. It’s not all the how-to books that have comforted and inspired me, but rather it’s the personal stories of other mamas and papas.

I could not, however, find a single book that contained a comprehensive collection of such individual stories about sleep. Hence I initiated The Sleep Question project in order to collect and share the many stories about sleep that have been shared with me.

I am currently in the editing stages of this book and am exploring potential venues for publication. If you would like your story included, please email me at thesleepquestion(at) or agsabo(at)